Helga Hedgewalker is an Artist, Gardnerian High Priestess and Witch with decades of professional experience in print design, illustration, book design, package design, web graphics and advertising. She is a founding member of the Minneapolis Pagan Collective of Pagan Artists. You can visit their website HERE.
In her spare time, Helga works in acrylic painting, digital collage, costuming and designing coloring books. She loves creating ritual tools, making seasonal crafts, and swimming.

Her creative works are Offerings of Beauty to the Gods.
"The more beauty there is to see, the more your soul is fed.
The more your soul is fed,
the more sacred and balanced your life will become.

It is one of the paths to the center.”

You can contact Helga by email: art@HelgaHedgewalker.com or use the form below.
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