July 8-29, 2016 I helped organize "Modern Pagans/Ancient Realms" a Minneapolis Collective of Pagan Artists group show at the Vine Arts Center.

From our curatorial statement: "Modern Pagans/Ancient Realms" presents a view of an ongoing revival of religions of pre-modern Europe, adapted to a 21st-century, urban Midwest environment.
Contemporary Paganism embraces a range of religious, spiritual and magical traditions “self-consciously inspired” by pre-monotheistic belief systems and ancestral connections. This exhibition presents multiple expressions in various media which explore Midwestern Pagans’ connections with this living spiritual culture, examining a spectrum of responses to the challenges of a polytheistic present, using insights from the realms of the pagan past.
Recovering and re-sourcing ancient ideas and folkways to provide alternative visions for the future, parallels movements that preserve ancient heirloom seeds in order to ensure that humans can continue to bring forth a genetically diverse harvest.

Here's a fantastic article: "Seeing Paganistan" by Stephanie Fox in MNartists.org (the state's premier website resource for everything arts-related).

And this is a thoughtful article by Dodie Graham McKay: "Minneapolis Art Show Explores Modern Paganism and Ancient Realms" in The Wild Hunt, an online Pagan News & Commentary Website
Vine Arts Center, July 2016 show "Modern Pagans/Ancient Realms" featuring works by MCPA member and guest artists:
(left to right) Paul B. Rucker's "Rembering the God" (mixed media), Helga Hedgewalker's "Triptych of the Muse: the Beautiful, Terrible, Fire in the Head" (acrylic on canvas), Rmay Rivard's "A Circle Dance of Life, Grandma Chairs, Ancestral Altars, Spirit Thrones" (mixed media), Roger Williamson's "Sabbat or the Dark Interpreter" (oil on wood panel) and Tony Koch's "Rebirth" Staff (mixed media).
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