Here is a preview sampling of some of the art from my forth-coming 64-page book, with text, invocations and rituals by Estelle Daniels. Available in May, 2018 from Llewellyn Publishing. All Rights Reserved. Copies can be purchased through The Spirit Parlour website.

This is a unique coloring book that allows any person-- at any talent level-- to use art as a way to unlock their creative and magickal potential. This is more than a collection of pretty pictures. These prints are designed for years of use in ritual as well as artistic context. The hard work of selecting appropriate symbols and designing a cohesive composition is all taken care of. Coloring pictures is an excellent way to allow your mind to simultaneously relax and focus while spell-casting. These designs merely await your inspiration, markers, crayons, colored pencils, paint, fabric, glitter or findings to come alive!

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