24 inches high x 20 inches wide (28 x 24 inches framed),
acrylic on aluminum-panel, 2022. 
Bridget, Brigid, Brighid, Bride, Breede, Bridgit, Briget and Brigantia are all names for the “Bright and Exalted One” of the Perpetual Sacred Flame and the Holy Sacred Well. She is a Celtic Goddess of wisdom, poetry, healing, protection, blacksmithing, arts & crafts, and domesticated animals. Her feast-day of February 1, often called Imbolc, Candlemas, or Saint Brigid’s Day, marks the beginning of Spring and the returning of the light and warmth to the Ireland and the British Isles. Weaving a “Brigid’s Cross” of rushes on her feast-day and hanging it in your house is said to bring her blessings and protection to your home for the remainder of the year.
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