All My Love, Hel (Ice & Fire)

30 inches high x 50 inches wide, acrylic on wood-panels, 2018.
Winner of "Judge's Choice Award" in the 2018 Paganicon's "Third Offering Gallery" Art Show and "Honorable Mention Award" in the 2019 "Gods & Monster's Show" by The Otherworldy Arts Collective Arts at Jackson Flats, NE Minneapolis
The text on the painting reads as follows: "Creation begins and ends in the dark -- where seed meets soil, sperm meets egg, and star-stuff swirls in the vacuum of space. Light is the spark of chaos that kicks it all over into becoming color, music, heat and hope. Too much light is the lake of fire, Hiroshima, Nagasaki,
and Here Comes The Sun Little Darling. How easy to slide into oblivion when darkness sings the siren-song of safe, quiet, peace. Yet the empty place will eat you away from the inside, worms must have their life too!
Please stay awhile and fight for having a life worth living first. All my love, Hel"

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